Personalized Upholstery Excellence with Choice, Quality, and Affordability

Step into a realm of professional upholstery services that redefine excellence without breaking the bank. Our commitment to delivering on time, every time, is the cornerstone of our service. Explore an extensive array of premium materials, thoughtfully curated for your discerning tastes.

At Elite Custom Made Furniture, we blend craftsmanship and affordability seamlessly. Your preferences matter, which is why we offer a spectrum of choices – from foam density that suits your comfort to fabric and leather types that resonate with your style. Select colors that reflect your personality and even choose the wood frame, be it the sturdiness of poplar or the elegance of maple.

Every piece we craft is a testament to your individuality. With our skilled artisans and high-quality materials, we bring your vision to life, ensuring a harmonious blend of design and functionality.

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Tailored sofa making, where comfort meets style. Choose design, and materials, and enjoy bespoke craftsmanship. Check Portfolio
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Sofa Beds

Functional elegance defined. Explore our sofa bed services, where comfort transforms seamlessly into convenient accommodation. Check Portfolio
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Intimate charm embodied. Discover our loveseat creations, meticulously designed to bring comfort and coziness to any space. Check Portfolio
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Curated for your space. Our sectionals redefine comfort and style, offering personalized configurations for every lifestyle. Check Portfolio
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Living Room Chairs

Embrace luxury and comfort. Our living room chairs are meticulously designed to elevate your space with sophistication. Check Portfolio
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Dining Room Chairs

Elevate dining experiences. Our dining room chairs combine aesthetics and comfort, enhancing your gatherings with elegance. Check Portfolio
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Recliner Chairs

Indulge in relaxation. Our recliner chair creations combine comfort and style, offering tailor-made luxury for you. Check Portfolio
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Swivel Chairs

360-degree elegance in motion. Our swivel chair creations blend comfort and style, bringing dynamic sophistication to spaces. Check Portfolio
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Versatile accents of comfort. Explore our ottomans, meticulously crafted to add style and functionality to any space. Check Portfolio
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Custom Bed Frames

Sleep in bespoke elegance. Our custom bed frames are meticulously crafted to bring your bedroom vision to life. Check Portfolio
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Wall Panelling

Elevate your walls with sophistication. Our wall panels are meticulously crafted to transform spaces into visual masterpieces. Check Portfolio
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Sleep in style and comfort. Discover our headboard creations, thoughtfully designed to add elegance to your bedroom. Check Portfolio
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Custom Frames

Frame your comfort, your way. Our custom sofa frames offer a personalized foundation for your unique style. Check Portfolio
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Restore, Renew, Revive. Our upholstery repair services breathe new life into your furniture, preserving both comfort and memories. Check Portfolio
Custom-made sectional sofa for corporate services.

We Make Custom Corporate Furniture too!

Enhance workspaces and hospitality venues with our bespoke corporate furniture solutions. Tailored for offices and hotels, our designs inspire functionality and sophistication, reflecting your unique brand identity, never forgetting about inspiring productivity.

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